Chapter 1


Chapter 1.1

I put both my hands on my straps and began walking.

There wasn’t any greenery, all of it was concrete, metal, glass, and blue holograms. There wasn’t much sky either, as many buildings too were airborne, blocking much of the view. The rest of the sky that I could see was buzzing with various aircrafts, the traffic of the morning.

I walked past lots of buildings until I finally reached my destination. It was the jetpack stand, which had only a few jetpacks left in it. I walked up to the console and put my index finger on it. When I saw the blue triangle form on the screen, I took my finger off and put on a jetpack. I fastened the straps and pulled the hand bars out. I wrapped my hands around the handles, feeling for the silver buttons on them. I pressed the button that met my pinky finger lightly.

The clamps unhinged, and I launched into flight. I used the handles to maneuver the jetpack, dodging other fling aircraft in the process. I nearly smashed into a Stad airliner once.

I raised myself up until I could see the Kareone tower, which was about 73 storeys above ground. Then I headed for the tower, flying at the zone above normal aircraft to avoid traffic.

It was a brief flight, as it only took minutes to reach the tower. I was somewhere between the 30th and 35th storey, moving at a slow pace. When I was just a few feet from the wall, the glass disappeared, giving me a free path to the inside. I reduced my speed further, and hovered a few inches from the ground.

I pushed another button, and landed onto the floor harshly due to the added weight of the jetpack. I undid the buckles for the straps and carried the jetpack with one hand over to the chair and placed it there.

I walked out of the room and headed to the elevator in the center of the corridor that I was walking in..The elevator was a tube that ran through the entire building, which used artificial gravity to take us down and anti-gravity to lift us up. If there was no power, getting in the elevator meant a steep drop to your death . if you reached your level, then the elevator would make you hover in the air, until you stepped out.

I pushed a small square button, and the glass door slid open. I jumped in, but I didn’t fall, instead, I just hovered.

“Ground floor.”I said.

Then I started floating downwards, slower than a fall, but fast enough  to reach the ground floor in a few minutes. I slowed to a halt a inch above the ground, the glass door opening. I put one foot forward onto solid ground and put the other next.

The walls were curved, the entirety forming a perfect circle. The walls were made of metal that gleamed in the sunlight. The double doors were open, and orange light came in from it, illuminating the floor. A few feet from the center of the building, opposite to the door, was the counter, and behind it sat a man with glasses. He was talking to someone through a microphone so he didn’t notice my arrival.

I walked towards him until I was in his line of sight and waited until he noticed me. He frowned, his eyebrows scrunching together.

“….fix it. listen, could I call you back later?….there’s a new student here.” The man said, pushing a button on his microphone.

“What can I do for you?” the man asked, in a polite tone.

“Could you direct me to my locker?”

“No problemo. What’s your name?”

“Daniel. Daniel Dutchman.”I said.

The man typed something on a holo-keyboard. His eyes widened when he saw the screen. He also looked like he just figured out some riddle of some kind.

“I see. You must be this year’s candidate.”

I nodded.

He typed something onto the Holo-keyboard.

“…here.” he handed me a small black cube.

I leaned over and took it. The texture was smooth, with not one single flaw. It split into two separate cuboids.I held the bottom half while the other half floated an inch or two above the bottom half. Then blue holographic wording appeared between the two cuboids, which read ‘Rules While In Premises of Kareone Tech School.’ . it scrolled through all the rules, which was pretty basic common sense. It took two minutes for the recording to end.

“It’s a Info cube, it should display all info it’s programmed to. In this case it’s the school rules, and also the directions to your locker.” The man said.

He looked at his watch.

“You want to stay here the entire day or are you gonna get going?”

I tapped the side of the info cube. The cube split into two pieces. The two pieces floated away from each other. Blue letters appeared in the space between them. I read it, then I gave the cube back to the receptionist.

I turned away and headed back to the elevator.

The door slid open as soon as I came near it. I got in, waited for the doors to close and said-

“3 floor.”

I hovered to my floor, and jumped out.

I was in a room that was completely empty, except for a security bot in the corner and a automated vending machine to the wall in my left. Three corridors connected to the room, with metal panels next to each opening showing the sector name. Sector-f was the corridor right in front of me. However, I wasn’t in any hurry so I went to the wending machine.

I tapped a button and spoke-

“Ven bar.”

A chocolate bar hit the tray below. I picked it up and removed the golden foil.

I walked to my locker, slowly eating my chocolate as I went. The lockers were actually huge rooms which stored all the things you would need for both semesters of the year. The doors weren’t really doors as they had no handles, because they couldn’t be slid open. But, if you had the access, then you could walk right through them as if it was thin air. Kinda like magic. It was the sort of thing you would to fool a kid.

I passed by twenty different doors before I found my locker. My initials D.D was engraved in bold and cursive strokes. I walked through the obsidian door.

They were all sorts of gadgets around. Most of them were for your own lab experiments that were to be conducted as a test at some point. There was also some scrap metal in a box in a corner. There was also emergency food and water that lasted you about a month if you got stuck in here by accident. Thing is, the lockers also served as a panic room, the schools began to notice this about a decade ago when a few troubled students had took refuge in their lockers. So the schools began to take advantage of this and equipped the lockers with life support to support a grown man or woman for a full month in case of an emergency.

My essentials was placed in a glass rack. There were a few info cubes, a bracelet that had a info cube tied to it with a white string, a small portable computer with a cavity for hologram representation and a glass screen, spectacles with a white frame and a few memory chips lying next to it. The bracelet piqued my curiosity, so I decided to look at the info cube that was attached to it.

I held the cube. It split.

Artificial Intelligence.

To provide our students

With the best education

we decided to create

A.Is to help them and

provide companionship.

They will also monitor

the student 24 hours a

day to diagnose mental

and physical health.

Kareone Tech School.

The cube closed and fell to the ground.

I bent down and picked it up, and put it back on the rack. I took the bracelet in my hands and investigated it. It was black, a bit thicker than a wristwatch, and it had a few ports hidden under a few tabs. I put the bracelet on.

“Put your glasses on too.” A computerized voice said.

The voice didn’t sound normal. That would be because it wasn’t, although I couldn’t put my finger on it.


“Put your glasses on. That way I could display visual information too and be more efficient in helping you.”

“Alright…” I said slowly.

I picked up the glasses and put it on. Standing in front of me was a teenage girl, she had blonde hair, a athletic figure, and a smile on her face. I pulled the glasses off. The image of the girl only appeared on the glasses, so there was nothing in front of me but a rack and a white wall.

I put the glasses back on. The girl now had one eyebrow raised.


She shook her head.

“What’s your name?”I asked.

“Grace. ”

I nodded.


“Daniel. Daniel Dutchman.”

I raised one eyebrow and said-


She shrugged.

“The first class is going to start in a fifteen minutes, so you better start getting ready.”She said.

“What’s the first class?”

“Holograms And Their Uses.  You just need one memory chip, the portable computer and an info cube. The first class should be easy, so nothing to worry about.” She said.

I smiled and nodded.


It turned out, Grace was right, the first class really was easy. The program just explained stuff about how the holograms worked and how we’ve been using them ever since it was invented.

I was sitting in the last row, not on purpose but because there were no other seats when I reached. The room was dark, to enhance the contrast of the blue holograms the program was using for the demonstration.

Turns out, holograms came in every color, but we use blue just because it looks nice.  The class was already over, the program just took a extra few minutes to show us the ‘magic’ of holograms.

The demonstration ended with a ‘bang’ as the red and orange turned into a flurry that quickly disappeared. The lights came back on. I got of my seat and walked out of the class, rushing past the others. A few students stared at me as I went.

Some of them I noticed, were pretty girls. But that was probably just me noticing things were they didn’t exist.

“Umm… Grace, what’s the next class?”

“That would be history. It’s the class you just passed by.”

I turned around. I pointed at the door closest to me .

“That class?”


“K. Point me back to my locker, would you?”

“Sure. Just turn around, take a left, then turn at the second right, and walk until you reach the elevator. Then you head to the third level and go to sector-f . from there, you know where to go.”

“Got it, thanks.”


I turned around and walked to the end of the corridor. I took her directions, ending up in one of the rooms that had the elevators.

I stood next to the elevator and waited until it opened. I jumped in, the anti-grav kicking in, making me hover.

“Third floor,”

It didn’t take much time to descend to my floor. It feels a bit unnerving the first times you use these elevators, but you get used to it.

I continued walking. Students buzzed about, either going into the pitch black doors to retrieve their essentials for their next class, or hurrying out of them to get to their class. Some walked in pairs, while others walked in groups of three to five. Others, like me walked alone. I found that people often stared at the ones that walked alone, even me. But some got more attention, probably due to either fame, or something else entirely.

I could tell you what ‘something else entirely’ meant, but I’m leaving it to your imagination.

I walked at a quick pace, wanting to find my locker faster. That seemed to grab more attention from the students. But I ignored them, wanting to make the best impression on the programs or the teachers. The same programs would take your classes the entire year, and they appreciated good etiquettes. They were programmed to do so, to encourage good behavior among the students. The teachers, well, they weren’t exactly programmed to appreciate good behavior but they sure as hell did.

“Need help?” Grace asked.

“Sure, just point me to my locker.”

“Keep on walking forward, and then take a left, walk for a bit, and you should find your locker.”


I did as told, and I reached my locker. I hurried inside.

“Grace, how much time left before I’m officially late?”

“Seven minutes.”

“Crap, Crap, Crap. Let’s forget that for now and focus on what I need. What do I need?”

“Just a paper notebook, a pen and pencil.”

“What are those?”

“The pen is a small metal cylindrical thingamajig that you use to write. The pencil is a wooden thingamajig that you use to write. The notebook is what you write on.”

“What’s the difference between the pencil and the pen if they both write?”

“The pencil use graphite and the writing is erasable. The pen uses ink, and it cannot be erased. Keep in mind, it’s not pure graphite, it’s just clay and graphite.”

“How do I write?”

“You’ll find out in class. For now just grab them and get the hell out of here. Oh, I forgot, also get the sharpener and eraser.”

“What are those?”

“Just hurry up and get them. There’s no time for me to explain now, and besides, you’re gonna learn anyway in class.”

I nodded and rushed to the essentials rack.

I typed in the small keyboard on the corner of the glass. A chute above the rack opened up, and five items fell down. The notebook was blue in color, and had plenty of sheets sandwiched between two thick sheets. The pen, was the silver cylinder. A cylinder on top was detachable, but I didn’t remove it because of the shortage of time. The pencil was yellow, with a pink rubber thing attached to the back with a crushed metal tube. The top was flat, and had a black spot in the middle. The eraser must’ve been the soft rubbery white thing . the sharpener was a plastic cylinder with a hole in the bottom. I put all of them into my bag and headed out.

No one was left in the corridors, which worried me. I rushed back to the elevator I came from. The elevator opened as soon as I came near, as there probably was no one in it currently. I jumped in.

“23 floor.”

I began ascending. It was fast, but not fast enough, if I calculated right, at this speed we would never make to the class in time.

“Grace, is there any way you could speed up the journey?”

“… Yes.”

I started moving a bit faster. It was a bit disorientating.

I slowed to a halt. The door opened. I ran out, and headed to the class where I’d last seen it, hoping that I remembered the directions properly.

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  1. Hi typist kid, I’m so glad I read it. Awesome stuff! I loved your imagination, flow of thoughts and description. Keep writing more of such stuff.. Good luck !


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