Chapter 1.4

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My eyelids felt heavy. I fought to stay awake. It would not give me any brownie points with the program if I dozed off. Thing was, it looked like I wasn’t the only one who thought this class as extremely boring. So I wasn’t necessarily fighting th battle alone. I tried listening to what the program was saying.

“… Use three force fields…”but I again tuned it out, because I wasn’t hearing anything new.

This stuff was what they thought you over and over again as it was ‘necessary’ in your life and so that you wouldn’t forget it.

“…And that’s the end of this lesson. Class dismissed.”


I got up and slid my back over one shoulder. I walked out of the class among twenty something students. One of the students had a heavy amount of security implants, like the small thick metal tube that showed from the bottom of his wrist. The skin was white where it met with the tube.

I suspected that the boy was from a rich family, as only they could afford implants like that. It also meant that he was the type who expected everything to be handed to him. Thing was, even with his personality, I was probably sure that people worshipped him and did his work for him, even if they got shot down in front of everyone they knew. I made a mental note to stay away from him, and others like him.

I bumped into the girl I sat with yesterday in history, and technology class.

“Excuse me.”I said.

“It’s no problem. John right?”

We both began walking again, as we had stopped for a second there.

“Yup, that’s me. And you must be Lily. Never actually introduced ourselves properly, did we?”

She smiled.

“No we did not. But that’s because of the fact we were still in class. If you don’t mind me asking, how’d you get in? You don’t seem to be the type with high and mighty parents.”

“Um, I got in through the competition.”

Her eyes widened.

“Damn, you know that only one person out of millions make it every year in the competition?”

“Really? That is something I did not know.”I said, exaggerating my tone.

She lightly punched me in the shoulder.

“Serious. ”She said, but she was smiling.

I gave my best innocent look, widening my eyes.

“But, I am serious.” I said, in a tone that was too good to be real.

She giggled.

“Seriously, knock it off.” She said, but she was still smiling.

I smiled.

She slowed down before a turn, meaning we had to part ways.

“I have to go for my geography class, so could we meet up in lunch break? I’ll be waiting for you.”

“See you then.”

She nodded, then she started walking again. Then I did too, heading for my psychology class.

“Grace, how come you’ve been silent the entire time I’ve been in school?”I asked.

“That’s because there’s nothing much I feel like talking about, and you didn’t ask me for anything.”She said, a little too quickly.

Now I knew she was hiding something.

“Oh.”I said.


“It’s nothing. Just been wondering.”

“K.” she said.

She didn’t say more, meaning that she was probably scared of me getting suspicious or getting worried about me wondering about her.



I went through the opening that was the door to the lunch room, feeling a cool breeze.

Cool, they had AC.

I looked around, searching for Lily. I spotted her sitting with a couple of other kids. She saw me at the same time I did, and waved me over. A few of the kids sitting with her looked my way, and one of them said something, then Lily said something in turn.

It was probably just a ‘Who’s that?’ and a ‘Just a guy I met yesterday.’

They were three guys and one girl sitting next to Lily. The guy sitting opposite to Lily had curled hair, and wore spectacles that were more edgy, giving it a nicer look. The guy sitting next to him had a nice guy sort of look, and had a fit build. He wore a smile that revealed perfect white teeth. The other girl had black hair that was shoulder length and curled at the end, she looked very attractive, even more than Lily. The guy sitting next to Lily had dark hair longer than most boys and was smirking.

All of them looking pretty attractive compared to me.

Me, I was skinny and barely exercised the past two years. But I did have good hair, and violet eyes that was one of a kind. I also had the personality, which won me more respect than any of the looks.

When I was a few paces from them, Lily walked up and greeted me.

“Guys, This is John. I met him at History class yesterday”

“Nice to meet you John,” the one with the million dollar smile said, his voice sincere.

“Nice to meet you too.”

“And that would be Ray. This is Diana, one of my close friends.”She gestured at the attractive girl.

“Hey John,” Diana said.

“Hi Diana.”I said.

“That’s Gregory.” She gestured at the guy with the cool glasses.

“You can call me Greg,” he said in a friendly voice.

“Alright, Greg.”

“And last but not least, that’s Sam.” She gestured to the guy who was sitting next to her.

“Hey John.”

“Hey Sam.”

“Come on John, take a seat, don’t wanna leave you standing.”Lily said.


I sat down next to Greg, opposite Diana.

“Oh Yeah, and I forget to tell you guys, one of the reasons I invited John here was because he’s this year’s winner for the competition.”

All of them gave me surprised faces, and looks of awe.

I simply shrugged.

“That competition is meant to pick out geniuses, with high stress tests and competition among millions. Every single one of the winners has achieved breakthroughs in this school that us normal kids can’t even dream of getting. You know what that means, right?”Diana said.

I nodded.

“Going to be a lot of expectations for me. All I can do is hope that I can live up to them.”

“If you got through that competition, trust me, you will live beyond our expectations.”Ray said, his voice still sincere.

I shrugged.

“Guys, why don’t we don’t we invite John to start of the year party?” Sam asked.

“What party?”I asked.

“The start of the year party. We have a party on this weekend, that our group is hosting, to celebrate the start of another year of school. We’ve been hosting the party for the last two years, which means after this party, we’re going to be the first ones to be host the start of the year party for three years in a row!”James said.

The group cheered, except for me, because I was pretty much new to this group.

He seemed to be pretty excited about it, and so were the others, so I played along, acting a bit more excited about the party than I really was.

“I’ve never been to a party before, not if you count the birthday and tea parties so what’s it going to be like?”I asked.

I really haven’t ever been to an actual party before, as I spent the last six years of my life as the architect, and before that, the only parties I got to were tea parties and birthday parties, like I said.

If they knew that, they wouldn’t be giving me those exaggerated faces right now. Wait, they’re faces would probably be more exaggerated. Which didn’t really seem possible without them turning into cartoons, but eh, I just wanted to make a point.

Greg covered his mouth.

Nerd alert.” He said, pretending to cough.

“It’s a long story.”I said, trying to defend myself.

“I’m in the mood for a nice long story right now.”Lily said.

“I don’t think this is a nice story.”I said.

“So it has twists? Excellent!” Diana said.

I narrowed my eyes.

She giggled, accompanied by Lily.

I looked at Ray, Giving him my best helpless face. He shrugged back at me.

James in the mean time, looked annoyed, impatient, and as if he was trying to say but couldn’t find an opening. Finally he gave up, frustrated.

“Seriously, it’s not something I want to share, because it’ll ruin the mood and I don’t want that to happen. James, you wanted to say something?”I said.

“Doesn’t matter now, moment’s passed. “

Sounds like he might’ve had some really good line that he wanted to throw in, probably making me humiliated in the process. In that case, I was very glad he didn’t get a chance to tell his joke. Unless it sucked, In that case I would’ve probably tried to defend him.

A buzz sounded across the lunch room, indicating that it was time to eat. I had seen the rules, it said same lunch for everybody, but not same lunch everyday. There was a routine, apparently.

White plastic trays appeared a bit above me, hovering down unto the table, making no noise as it touched the table’s surface. The contents were four white, spongy protein cubes, with a coating of molten chocolate. The cubes weren’t placed in a ordered pattern, they were placed in a way that made them look artistic, with a few slant, and at uneven distances from each other. There were what seemed to be different types of candy in the other half of the tray, with no wrappers or anything.

There weren’t real candy, just vitamins and minerals that looked like candy, in fact, I was sure even the chocolate wasn’t real chocolate, just something that tasted like chocolate, felt like chocolate, but not real chocolate. It probably had some nutrients in it that was meant for our body, but I still liked originality, even if made you fat.

Though I don’t have to worry about being fat, because no matter what I do, I cannot convince myself to eat properly. This dish for probably the thing I needed if I wanted to keep fit. I was sure that the plate had everything I needed, all balanced out, only problem was no student actually realized it. I knew because I wasn’t a legitimate student, wait no, I wasn’t a legitimate citizen .

I finished my lunch quick, aware that by the time I was done, it was the end of lunch break. So I took off and headed to my lockers, accompanied for a few minutes with my newly acquired friends, until they had to split to reach their own lockers.

There was a familiar face at the end of a corridor, but she disappeared as soon as I spotted her.

Probably just a figment of my imagination, because the person that face belonged to was… a figment of my imagination.

Did I just see Lucy?

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