Chapter 1.5

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I put the jetpack back on the stand. It was early noon, with the sun shining bright, and since I hadn’t put any sun block, my skin burned where the sun light fell on it, and turned a faint red. Faint, but visible.

I wore jeans along with a loose t-shirt.

I didn’t know what you generally wore on parties so I decided to just wear whatever felt natural. And this was what I came up with.

I felt some uneasiness because I wasn’t sure whether I wore the right type of clothes for a party. And partly because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of everybody.

I shook my head.

No matter what happens, show confidence, that way you’ll just look like you have no idea what they think is wrong, which is kinda true.

James’s house- or should I say mansion was three storey tall and was now filled with noise. His lawn was big enough to fit three playgrounds in it, and had trimmed grass that was maybe three inches tall. There were also nicely trimmed shrubs along the pathway to the house. There were two gates, one for walking, and the other for driving or flying.

Both were made from carbon composite, meaning you couldn’t break through with a wrecking ball.

It was the type of house that only the millionaires could afford, but this city was filled with the sort, so it was actually pretty normal. My house was way smaller compared to this, and didn’t have the same amount of security, but I was the only person living in it and I was only staying there for a month, so it didn’t make sense to expand.

I walked to the smaller gate, and found a blue console on the wall. I was going to try to open the gate myself, but the gate opened automatically. There was no one on the lawn, meaning this was an indoor party.

The door opened by itself too, revealing students all around, either standing in groups, or playing alone on the massive holo-systems. The music was a little louder than I had anticipated.

Barely anyone turned to look at me, and if they did, they just went back to their businesses.

I felt relieved that my clothes fit in, as the others were wearing the same sort.

I spotted James walking down the stairs, and he seemed to be looking for me too, judging from the way he was glancing around. When he spotted me, he waved me over, and I followed him. I went upstairs and was surprised to see a pool at the end of the hall.

Sitting on the edge of the pool was the group. They spotted me and waved.

I waved back.

Lily gestured for me to come over.

I dodged past various students and sat by James at the edge of the group.

“So what do you think!!” Sam asked, shouting so he could be heard over the volume of the music.

“It’s nice!”I said.


“I said it’s nice!”

He nodded.

Greg said something to Lily, and she nodded. Then she said something to Ray and Sam, and they nodded too. Diana must’ve heard, because she seemed to understand too.

They all looked me, making me very nervous.


They said nothing. And then I got pushed into pool, splashing everywhere.

The water was cold at first, but I liked the cold. And since I had a lot of experience with swimming, I was able to bring myself upright quickly.

The group laughed.

I faced the group and narrowed my eyes.

Then, I pulled Lily’s leg, bringing her into the pool too. The splashing water blinded me, but I recovered from the sting quick enough to see Lily fuming.

She struggled more than I did.

When she was upright I said, “Not so funny now is it?”

The rest of the group laughed.

She swum back to the pool and heaved herself over the edge of the pool, slipping a few times.

“Aren’t you going to get out of the pool!?” Diana asked.

I shook my head.

“Love the water!”I said.

They gave me confused faces, but then seemed to understand.

“Why don’t you guys jump in!?” I asked.

“Sure!”Greg said, and then he jumped in, splashing everybody, and turning the group wet.

A bit of water went into my eyes again, and I was blinded for nearly a minute. There were a couple more splashes, and when I opened my eyes the entire group was in the water.

The reason I wanted to stay in the water, was because it reminded me of my comfy base, in which I had a lot of pools. And I used to spend a lot of time in those pools, because it made me feel calm, ad at peace. Something I wanted to hold on to, after the event.

And I could already feel myself becoming calmer, less concerned about all the bullshit going on in my crazy life.

We splashed water on each other’s faces, and spent half an hour playing in the water. It was pretty fun too. The other students preferred to stay out of the pool and dance or play or whatever.

We spent an hour talking about what we wanted to do when we grew up, what our dreams were, what we wanted to accomplish.

Greg and Sam, they wanted to be astronauts, and wanted to explore the galaxy. Lily wanted to live a peaceful live, where she could do her art and live near a beautiful landscape.  Diana wanted to build a better system, build a system in which there were no flaws, in which everyone was happy. Ray wanted to become an engineer; he wanted to build magnificent buildings, building that would be legend. I gave my ambition to be the architect of said buildings of legend, because it seemed funny, me wanting to be, well, me.

I felt sad, because of all the ambitions of the people who wouldn’t survive the event. It haunted me, all those beautiful thoughts and minds, would…. Just… be gone. After the event, it was just their memory that survived, and it was up to the survivors to keep it.

So I bottled up those feelings and spent the next few hours talking, sometimes about me, and sometimes about them.

It was getting dark, and students were starting to file out. I wasn’t sure if I had to leave too, because I could reach home anytime I wanted, as there were no parents at home waiting for me.

But I wasn’t sure about the others, they were felt confident, and actually waiting for the end of the party.

I decided it was best for me to go, as I didn’t want to bother Sam, since it was his house.

“Wait!”Greg said.

I stopped in my tracks.

“Where are you going?”The music had turned off, so he could speak properly.

“I thought… It was time to leave… since all the other students had left… and I didn’t want to bother James if I stayed too long or anything…”I lamely explained.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about bothering James, but unless you have somewhere to be, you can stay. Sam’s parents won’t be home till tomorrow evening, so you don’t have to worry about that.”He said.

“Alright.”I said.

I felt cold, and the water in my clothes made me feel heavy, but I was familiar with the feeling so it wasn’t too bad. Crazy as it sounds, I actually like the feeling, or should I say the familiarity of the feeling. I spent a lot of time walking around like this in the base, so I was used to it. The others, weren’t. They were hunched, hugging their shoulders and rubbing their arms.

Sam disappeared through a door and reappeared with a few towels in hand. Everyone took one and wrapped it around themselves, including me. I tortured my head by rubbing the towel harshly against my hair until it turned from dripping wet to damp. I wiped my face and my arms, and then my neck. I couldn’t do anything about the waist-down part, as the water from my shirt and pant would make my legs wet no matter what, so I let it be.

I pressed the water out of my shirt as well I was able, and got like fifty to sixty percent of the water out. I did the same for my legs, being careful not to go any higher.

I couldn’t imagine the torrent of insults that would get me.

After everyone was done, I was free to ask my question.

“What now?” Not great, but it was a question.

“The After-party.” Ray said, smirking.

An after party. Great. I didn’t know shit about an actual party, and now there was an after party. What the hell was I supposed to do now?

Probably just play along and watch from the sidelines. Easier said than done although, because there were plenty of problems I could run into.

The architect, the world’s youngest, and arguably, greatest genius of all time, now dumbstruck with high school problems. How impressive of you John.

I couldn’t help but smile, after that thought.

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