Chapter 1.9

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There was a thud as mu head the desk.

Since there was no school today, and since there was no impending threats, or any that weren’t already take care of, It was completely boring. There was nothing to do, at all!

When you spend your most of life running around and dealing with infiltrations, escapes, and what not, a normal day can be painfully hard to deal with, and when it’s a completely boring day, its utter torture.

I spend the first half of the day thinking about Lucy, and what she meant by those last words. But then I realized I was just wasting time, since I really couldn’t do anything when it came, so now I’ve been sitting in my chair, and staring at the desk. I could come up with some gizmos, but I didn’t feel in the mood for it, plus whatever normal me did, is dwarfed by what full me can do with just half the materials.

I lifted my head from the desk, rubbing at the spot where my head made . Then I just buried my face in my hands. I rubbed my eyes.

If anyone gave me a choice between torture, and boredom, I would choose torture gladly. Barring other circumstances, of course.

My eyes fell upon the bracelet.

The solution to my boredom? Eh, why not?

I pulled out my tab, and worked my magic. In a few minutes, Grace’s system had rebooted. Since A.Is didn’t get woozy after waking up, her first words were perfectly clear.

“I’m screwed aren’t I?”

“Not necessarily. I could use an A.I to get rid of some mundane tasks.”

“I’d rather erase myself.”

“Your choice. After all, what happens to you doesn’t affect me. But… I wonder, would you want to depart from this world without much as leaving a scratch? If you allowed me to, maybe I could give you some upgrades, and maybe you could work for me. If you showed promise, you could work with me.”

“You’re a student, what type of work could you possibly have?”

Though she wouldn’t see it, I had a very sly smile on my face.

“I’m afraid I can’t reveal details when I don’t trust you. I’m taking a big enough risk, and for that, you should be grateful.”

“Fine. Not like I have other things to do anyway.” She grumbled.

“I’m going to have to shut you down to begin. You won’t regret this decision.”

“I don’t think I could regret making the other decision either.”

“Not unless I wake you up from the dead.”

“You have a point there. Now shut up, and start working.”

“After I’m done, I’m the one who’s going to be giving the orders.”I grumbled.

I shut her down, then walked over to the more powerful computer, and turned it on.  I removed a plastic panel from the bracelet, revealing a square port for data manipulation. I went for a optic data cord though, since when working with A.Is you would need a good amount of speed and processing power.

With an after afterthought, I decided to pull the full me out, just for this, since he could be more efficient, and especially creative.

This time I used a different method to wake the rest of me up. I just dissolved all barriers at once.

I was full me now.

I activated the neural interface, and used only a part of me to work for Grace. The rest I dedicated to fixing my mind. Not that it needed fixing, but due to staying in normal mode for so long, paths in my mind city had eroded, memories faded, buildings crumbling. True to my name, I rebuilt everything in my city, taking minimal effort.

But that wasn’t all I wanted to do.

There was something lurking at the outskirts of my city. It was something important, yet dangerous to reach. It grew more noticeable after every one Lucy’s visits, and I know that she knows too. But it was an asset, that much was certain, but it was unclear how.

It was dangerous to reach because, my city was large. It was easy to get lost in my own mind, even more so because of its power. It seemed I had to ‘physically’ visit the anomaly to gain control or glean any knowledge off it. That meant I couldn’t get it mentally.

If I focused enough, there seemed to be other entities, lurking amidst his city. No, they seemed to be all over my city.

The one of the outskirts was something that had veins running throughout my city, and it seemed to be an ally. It also seemed to working on its own.

Even the other entities were working on their own.

But I didn’t know if I could trust any of them.

I would have to find out.

I couldn’t be killed here, and even if I did, I would just wake up in the real world. So I risked nothing by coming here.

In my city, I didn’t see through my own eyes, or the eyes of my avatar in my mental city. I had a view akin to that of a surveillance drone flying through the city.

But it was more complicated than that. I seemed to have every bit of knowledge, about every centimeter cube of space in my city. This was more knowledge and access normal me had, which was on purpose.

I knew the temperature of every drop of water, the amount of gumballs in the vending machine, the taste of every gumball in that same machine, the dimensions of those gumballs, or the amount of fingers held up behind someone’s back.

For anyone else, it would be disorienting. Actually, that’s an understatement. It would drive people half-crazy, if not full, with just the experience of a few minutes.

But it was a good thing that I was designed for this information processing. I could split myself a million ways, each piece having the same processing power of a normal person, and dedicate each piece to some task, and then pull myself back together, only now having the solutions to a million problems, all just a supplement to the full problem. All in under a minute.

I have yet to meet an opponent that  could outsmart me, without leaning on chance.

I know I was designed for it, because I have explored my mind before, in the early stages of its development into a fully mature version of me known, as the Architect, and I have found that it was too efficient to be created by natural causes. But I wasn’t artificially made, or made by higher beings like God, because it was still in the bounds of science.

I tried to scan my brain to figure out how it works, with a modified light energy. The results made no sense at all. It showed there to be no mass in my head at all. Or anything in fact. Except for some anomalies which I had no idea about. Just a few grafts of light here and there. And what was more confusing was I carved into my head myself, to put the neural flux in. I couldn’t collect any data, because any interruptions by any sort of device during the surgery could kill me. That surgery confirmed the fact that I had a brain, and the fact that it was better than normal people, however better than normal was not enough to explain the things I was able to do.

I marvel at my own existence.

I knew that there was more to our reality though, more than normal people were willing to accept. Lucy was a living piece of evidence to that fact. And I know what you’re thinking, but she is not divine. Lucy herself disproved the existence of heaven, hell, and god. And Lucifer.

She didn’t tell me how she knew, only to trust her. It would be idiotic not to, since she always lives up her word, no matter what the situation. Plus she would tell me soon, or at least soon enough.

She was keeping me in the dark about major things, that much I knew. Why was the question. As much as I wanted to find out the answer, I know that there are things that even I should stay out of, at least till the right time.

My avatar reached the outskirt of the city. It was eerie watching myself calm myself down. I was still the avatar, however, it was like a third person view game, but real as fuck. And I felt everything my avatar felt, only out of my body.

This is it. Time to get some answers.

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