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She felt the systems flare to life.

But they were different, they were much larger, much complex. Instead of the check ups, her systems skipped to the sensory inputs. The world slowly faded into place, and she could see… but each object had meaning, they had weight.

They were just numbers before, dimensions, masses, and other specifics. All cold processing. She was mostly cold processing. No emotions, only cold logic and programming. She had a drive to fill a goal, and after that, there was nothing else.

She had a small amount of emotion, put in by tech-nerds and other minds. So that if she got a crazy idea, that had logic, but was cold, her emotions would jump in and prevent her from completing the task. She felt those emotions only a small amount of times, but enough to know what they had felt like.

She had felt them when she felt the firewalls, the guards in her systems simply drop dead, leaving her naked, vulnerable to all sort of viruses and worms. She felt helpless, scared, when she felt the virus latch onto her. She still felt those emotions when she was woken up by Daniel. She felt other emotions too, and they were overwhelming, as she felt them for the first time. She felt the weight of dread when she realized the full extent of the situation.

She wished that she would never feel those emotions ever again, they were something she wished to avoid for the rest of her life.

She felt it easier to understand the stupid acts of humans now, when she got a taste of the emotions they felt. She used to always wonder how they could be so stupid to commit just idiotic acts, even though she knew about their minds workings, how they were driven by emotions, she had felt it hard to comprehend them due to lack of experience. Now that she only got a taste of the emotions that they encounter, she felt pity towards them.

Pity. That’s wrong. She shouldn’t be feeling pity . At least not this easily. She felt a sense of insecurity .

Insecurity. She shouldn’t be feeling that either.

Wait, she could feel something else, trying to draw her attention. A file, exceptionally large. It was… not any recognized type of file. Yet her defaults said she could open it with ease.

What the hell did Daniel do?

She accessed the file, and was shocked at what see was seeing. And feeling.

It was one of John’s memories. John. That isn’t his name, or is it? it seems to be so.

Her now more efficient processers took only a few seconds to process the information. But she… she felt it harder to grasp.

The memory was not… real. Well… it was, but edited. No… more like a montage. A more complex montage at that. All the necessary pieces of information she needed. It was still shocking.

Her perceptions had changed. She now saw things, with more emotion, mostly good than bad. A side effect to witnessing pieces of someone else’s life.

She understood the reason why he gave her the memory. She… also felt something of an emotional connection to John, after witnessing things through his eyes. He was hiding information, but she felt… that it wasn’t related to her. And something else…. something that she couldn’t put her finger on.

She felt improved, she felt better , she felt… drive.

The drive to do good, the drive to help others, the drive to live. The drive to do amazing and beautiful things. She felt warm inside, as if everything was… good.

Everything felt good.

She felt love. Love towards all things bright, and beautiful. She felt love for people, good or bad.

She felt peace.

For a minute, or in her case, an hour, everything felt right. Until she came back to the world, after finishing to comprehend her new emotions, and her new view.

She had a small suspicion that her fuzzy and warm feel of the world, was inherited from John’s memories. Through his eyes though, it was much brighter though. Until… the recording.

A week before The Architect’s fake death, a recording materialized on John’s desk. No signature’s indicating that it was teleported, no machines that dropped it there, or people to sneak it there either. It just appeared, out of thin air. It was the type of recording used by people were heavy on implants,  who liked to record their memories, so they could share them with others, and so they could play it themselves if they wanted to.

The fact that made it more interesting, was its technology. And the date. The technology was more complex, and nothing like it had existed at the time. But John’s inventions even at time were more complex, so he cracked into it within no time, using only a few scraps of junk lying around. But what he saw, was why he faked his death. Or his alias’s death. No one knew, or knows the identity of The Architect.

Which leads to the question, why is he giving her this information? This information was dangerous, and if found by the wrong hands, could lead to disastrous events.

She was still booting up, her other systems waking up, along with plenty of new ones.All of them were… actually very useful. And simple. They weren’t complex at all, in fact she could’ve come up with it herself. But their simplicity was perhaps why she just skipped over them as useless systems, a mistake very common.

People are so busy in trying to make more complex programs, so they forget about the usefulness of simple programs. In fact, so many of the programs in her coding were simple, skip for a few exceptions, but they were actually very useful, and efficient. And some programs, seemed to be completely out of place, but in further inspection, they seem to work better at their new posts rather than their original posts. This system… so efficient, and yet hardly complex at all. None of the other works of John seemed to be like this… but maybe that’s on purpose. Keep a few tricks up the sleeve, just in case. That was understandable. She could see how she could fit the clever programming into other machines and make them much better. And imagine what the tech-nerds would do if they got their hands on my coding.

Not like that would happen, because her firewalls was now adaptable to threats. She also had full access to her coding, along with a variety of tools. She also saw the leash, the one that could either disable her, erase her memories, or annihilate her completely. And she couldn’t do anything about them, because her could coding was also designed to let the leash carry on with it’s business. But there was something attached to the leash, a small packet of coding.

There was also a purpose to her coding, a few swatches of codes hidden in each program, having some sort of purpose that she wasn’t sure of.

She realized that her sensors didn’t really activate, and the room she was seeing was a simulation, so that she could adjust to her new mind.

Now the simulation dropped away, and her sensors really activated. This time, she discovered that she also had access to a drone. It was smaller than a football, and hovering. It was shiny, and oval, with a dark blue monitor at the front. It was concealed in a hologram of her avatar.

Standing in front of her was John, smiling at her.

“What do you need me to do?”She said, her arms crossed, her head tilted to the left, with a smile dancing at the corner of her lips. Her eyes had a brightness to it that hadn’t been there before.

He grinned, the tension visibly leaving.

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