Chapter 2.5

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I blinked, as the neural link was disconnected and I was pulled back into reality.

The rest of the memories were the normal sort, showing her sense of suspicion when she met me, connecting the dots later, and the boring stuff.

The conclusion, I could trust her.

“Point made, now, how the hell do we get out of here without alerting anybody?”

She blinked, frowned, and then asked,

“What? Why would we do that?”

“For one, if you’re able to recognize me, others might too, and hence I can’t stay here any longer without putting myself and you in danger.”

“We could teleport out, but for that we need to adjust the coordinates, to a safe spot, but I don’t know the coordinates to any safe spots.” She said, while frowning.

“My house should do. From there, we use the long-distance teleporter to get to my base.”

Her eyes widened.

“You have a base?”

“On mars too, for that. Took me a hell of a lot of work to set it up, and plenty more for my… other project, which I can’t explain in the here and now.”

She was clearly curious, but she was holding back her curiosity to focus on the matter at hand.

She nodded.

“Then let’s go.” She said, before send a command via neural link, teleporting us into an almost identical room, if not for the massive devices in the center which sprouted out wires and cables of all sorts, and had displays showing numbers whose purpose was completely unbeknownst to the normal person.

Luckily, We both definitely weren’t the normal sort, so adjusting the machine to teleport us to my house wasn’t that hard.

After we appeared in my small living room, I led the way to the basement, where a large metal tower resided at the center of the room. The tower was a antennae, powerful enough to send commands at the speed of light to mars.

Still, it would take a few minutes for the command to reach, and a few more minutes for the machine to activate, during which we awkwardly stared at each other, having no idea what to say.

Hell, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that almost all of the time I spent here was completely abnormal.

When we finally did teleport, we teleported into a large dome, kilometers wide in diameter. The low hum of machinery was constant all around the base. Platforms like the ones we were standing on, floated all around the dome, moving two and fro in a pattern that would take hours to comprehend.

The dome had a dim setting, since the large amounts of electricity it constantly used to power itself meant cutting back on other things, such as light.  Drones and various machinery buzzed about, each busy with tasks either as simple as opening panels to maintaining large circuits but with components intricate and small like snowflakes.

Hanna stared open mouthed at the scene, disbelieving in what she was seeing in her own eyes. Her eyes roved over every bit of machinery, taking in all the details, looking like a little girl unwrapping her Christmas presents.

I stood patiently, amused by her bewildered expression.

It took her a full minute to regain her senses.

“You…. You built all this?”

I nodded.

“And more. This is just the tip of the iceberg. However, I’m afraid we’re going to have to abandon the base soon.”

She frowned.


“Because if we don’t, we’ll all be dead.”

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